About Rob

I took up photography when i was 10 years old, my first camera was a Kodak Instamatic back in 1978. I soon stepped up to an old film SLR camera with full manual settings and learned the finer aspects of photography - light, shutter speed, aperture & composition. In my early days with the camera it was all filmed based and eager to make my images come to life I learned darkroom techniques, processing film and printing images, first in monochrome and then later in colour.Rob Power web design and photography

As technology moved forward my film camera and darkroom was replaced with a point & shoot digital camera, memory cards and a computer. I now shoot with Nikon professional SLR camera bodies and professional grade Nikor lenses. I have completed a Diploma in Professional Photography and various Nikon trade courses.

Learning photography on a full manual camera has certainly helped me with shooting techniques using my digital cameras and I often teach people what i have learned to get them off the "auto" setting on their camera.

I created my first website in one of the subjects I studied at Tafe in 1999 while completing my Diploma in IT Business Systems. Over the years I completed various Adobe courses in website development and have been providing websites and services to various clients since 2001.

Combining my photography and website development skills I aim to deliver clean, easy to navigate websites, rich in colour and imagery to give people a great online experience.